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The Library

Our library provides a combination of old and new resources to help pupils develop an inquiring, open-minded, balanced and principled approach.

The main library (situated in Ashmore in the main school building) is available to the whole school to support departments and pupils in their research as well as reading for pleasure. It contains fiction and non-fiction across all subject areas and is a welcoming environment for those who wish to read and study quietly during assignment periods and work nights. The Chartered Librarian, Mrs Minter, manages the library and is able to assist with enquiries during the school day.

There are also a number of subject-specific libraries around the School. They are known as subject rooms or assignment areas and contain a selection of books, journals and newspapers relevant to the area of study. During the school day each of these is supervised by a member of teaching staff, who is on hand to answer any questions pupils may have.

Opening hours
The main library and the subject rooms are open throughout term time, including evenings and weekends. The library can be booked by teaching staff for classes during the day when the use of the facilities and access to the librarian is required. 

The librarian can usually be found in the main library between 9am-1pm and 2pm-5.30pm, Monday-Friday.